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Admission Arrangements


For admission to Reception and Year 7 in September 2017 Tameside residents should use the online application system. If you live in another borough, even if you want to apply for a school in Tameside, you should complete an application from your home council. 

The online application system is now open for Secondary School applications only. Secondary school applications must be submitted by 31st October 2016. 

The application system for primary school reception applications opens 2nd November 2016. The closing date for primary school reception applications is 15th January 2017.

The online application system is simple to use. All you need to get started is an email address which you will need to register for the system.

If you don’t have access to the internet, there are computers in all Tameside’s libraries or you can call into the school and ask the office if they can help you with your online application.

Should you miss the national deadlines for submitting your application, your application will be treated as late and processed after all the applications that were received on time, meaning your child could miss out on the school of their choice.