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Christmas visit to Holy Trinity


Key Stage 1 visited Holy Trinity Church in Stalybridge. The lovely team there put on a play of the Christmas Story. We all really enjoyed the story. After we had watched the play, we had a glass of juice and a biscuit. We all really enjoyed visiting Holy Trinity and send a big thank you to all the team who put on the play for us. 

Here we are with our reading buddies from class 10
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Freddy Fit visit
We had a visit from Freddy Fit. We did our warm up and split into teams. We then had to hold hands and pass a hoop along our bodies from the start of the line to the end. If we broke the chain, we had to start again. It was tricky and we had to work together to get the hoop over our heads. We then had a go at hula-hooping. Even if we found it difficult, we kept trying. Freddy was very pleased. We love when Freddy Fit comes to school. It is lots of fun!