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Internet Safety Day.


This week Class 3 have been learning about e-safety. We started by thinking about what the internet is and how we use it. We thought of lots things we use it for - games, shopping, communication, information. We talked about the different equipment we can access the internet on - computers, games consoles, phones, tvs. We discussed how we can access it pretty much anywhere. We then looked at a story of Zap and Zoom playing a game online and Zap asking his Dad for permission to go online and if he could add his personal information to get extra points. We spoke about how Zap did the right thing by asking his Dad's permission. We also discussed how we don't share personal information online. We thought about our personal information (things like our names, addresses and schools) like our favourite teddy or toy. We wouldn't hand it out to everyone on the street. In the same way, we're not going to hand out our information to everyone on the internet.

Christmas visit to Holy Trinity


Key Stage 1 visited Holy Trinity Church in Stalybridge. The lovely team there put on a play of the Christmas Story. We all really enjoyed the story. After we had watched the play, we had a glass of juice and a biscuit. We all really enjoyed visiting Holy Trinity and send a big thank you to all the team who put on the play for us. 

Penguin Day

Last Monday we had a penguin day after reading Lost and Found in class. We watched a short documentary video about penguins and some funny and cute videos. We made penguin masks and penguin biscuits. We learned how to walk like a penguin and did a penguin dance. In the afternoon we watched a penguin cartoon and listened to a penguin story. It was a fantastic day and we all want to do it again.

Class 8 reading stories with Class 3

Class 8 reading stories with Class 3 1
Class 8 reading stories with Class 3 2
Class 8 reading stories with Class 3 3
Class 8 reading stories with Class 3 4
Class 8 reading stories with Class 3 5
Freddy Fit visit
We had a visit from Freddy Fit. We did our warm up and split into teams. We then had to hold hands and pass a hoop along our bodies from the start of the line to the end. If we broke the chain, we had to start again. It was tricky and we had to work together to get the hoop over our heads. We then had a go at hula-hooping. Even if we found it difficult, we kept trying. Freddy was very pleased. We love when Freddy Fit comes to school. It is lots of fun!