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Photo Blog 2018-2019

Class 5 sharing stories they have written with Class 1.

Wednesday Walk Adventures

On our first Wednesday welly walk we went to the front of our school. We had heard that there might be some fairies around so we made sure we were super quiet and sensible. We didn't find any fairies on our first walk, but we did find lots of other interesting things.

We noticed a little house attached to a tree "maybe the fairies live in there" suggested someone. We then found a lovely smelling lavender bush "ooooh I bet the fairies like smelling this".
We found some berries which we thought the fairies might like to eat. We also discovered some funny faces up on the roof of our school! "I wonder why they are there?" "who are they?" i can feel a research project coming on Class 1!

On our second fairy hunting walk we had a lovely surprise as we found a glittery pathway leading to a tiny little door. We found other glittery paths on trees, perhaps more fairies lived here too?

We decided to leave the fairies some gifts before we left, such as flowers and pretty leaves, someone even found a lovely feather. I hope we get to visit them again some time.

Freddy Fit!

We had a brilliant time during our first session with Freddy Fit!

We learnt to hula hoop!