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Photo Gallery 2016-2017

27.07.17 Class 1 Assembly

We are so proud of our class!
What a fantastic assembly and a brilliant turnout of parents.

Thank-you so much for coming.

If you would like to watch the PowerPoint of photos, it is available to download below.

Sports, Health and Fitness week!

This week we have had lots of fun doing all kinds of different fitness activities, plus we have been learning all about healthy food and the importance of drinking lots of water.

We have done obstacle courses, climbing up a climbing wall, had a gym in our classroom and outside area, made healthy snacks, plus a visit from Freddy Fit, Yoga session and Sports Coach. Phew!!! What a busy week!?

Our Beautiful Butterflies

After a long wait, and a little holiday over half term at Mrs Owen's house, our little caterpillars had changed into these beautiful butterflies. Everyone was so excited to see them on Monday. On Tuesday morning the weather was perfect for letting them go. We watched as they fluttered away to begin their adventures as butterflies.

We made our own little caterpillars

We planted them with cress seeds so they could grow a hairy body! Don't forget to bring back your caterpillar to show everyone how its "hair" has grown.

Picture 1
Picture 2


We have a nursery of baby caterpillars in our classroom at the moment. When they arrived they were teeny tiny caterpillars but as the weeks have gone on they have turned into big hairy caterpillars! They are almost ready to start building their cocoons, and hopefully by the time we come back after half term they will be beautiful butterflies ready to release.

Our visit from the baby lambs

We had Pirate Day with Classes 9 and 10.

Everyone dressed up! Classes 9 and 10 had made books for us and they came to read them to us. They were fantastic stories! We had a Pirate snack together and went on a treasure hunt for chocolate coins! We had a lovely morning, thank-you juniors!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Our collaborative Kandinsky painting.

We learnt about colour mixing and had great fun creating lots of new colours from just the primary colours. We then looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky. He painted abstract art that didn't always look like a particular "thing", but he loved colours and making the most colourful patterns and pictures. We made our very own Kandinsky painting by making a tile each, mixing colours as we went just like he would have done.

Doesn't it look beautiful?

Picture 1

Where's Wally?

For World Book Day we had a 'Where's Wally?' theme. Everyone looked fantastic and we did lots of Where's Wally activities.

Click on the gallery tab on the left of the page, then scroll down to World Book Day 2017 to see more photos from the day.


Rosie's Walk story trail - family learning session

We had a lovely time retelling the story of Rosie's walk. There were activities for each part of the story, including climbing under or over things, weaving ribbons, balancing along a beam, making a finger puppet, writing our names in flour and making honey sandwiches!

The children had a great time with their grownups and those children whose parents couldn't attend were taken around the trail by Mrs Seddon and they all had a brilliant time too. 
The feedback from the children was lovely, and they all wanted to do it again!


Maths Problem Solving Workshop - Puzzles!

A visitor called Carys came with some enormous puzzles! We had to work in teams to complete different levels of the puzzle. Sometimes it was easy-peasy but other puzzles were very tricky!

But it was all good fun and we showed brilliant teamwork!

We made our own Supertato!

Don't they look great!?


by Sue Hendra

We have been reading the story of Supertato. Since then we have encountered some terrible crimes in our classroom. It was all down the the Evil Pea! We made wanted posters and traps, in the hope that we would catch the culprit.

We found the Veggies had been tided up!

The Veggies has been tided together and their mouths taped up! "So they couldn't shout for help" someone suggested. Who was responsible for this terrible crime? We needed to investigate. But first we had to untie the Veggies, they were so happy when we had rescued them.


After a week of searching and meeting our hero Supertato. We managed to catch the Evil Pea. And instead of punishing him we decided it would be better to teach him how to be a good friend. So after much discussion and after a list of rules had been written, we allowed the evil pea (who wasn't so evil anymore) to become friends with Supertato. Mr Pea said 'sorry' to all of the veggies and promised to change his evil ways.

Good work Super Class 1!

Picture 1 The Veggies were all tided up! But by Who?
Picture 2 We untied them and they were much happier.
Picture 3 The Evil Pea had captured the Veggies again!
Picture 4 Oh no! Supertato has been captured!
Picture 5 Hurray!! The Evil Pea has been captured!
Picture 6 Our own Supertato superheroes.
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 We saw Supertato saving Peter's life!!

The Gingerbread Man hunt

We had been looking out for the Gingerbread Man all week since he disappeared last Monday. And today he had left us some clues. We followed the clues to find him and when we did he had a lovely surprise for us! Hot chocolate and marshmallows for snacktime!

This week we made Porridge!

Goldilocks was very sorry for what she had done to the Three Bears, and so to make it up them she decided (with a little persuasion from us) to make them some porridge. 

She sent us her Grandma's recipe and it sounded so good that we had to try some!!

Poppy Art work

We learnt about Remembrance  Day this week. We made poppy art work, including a funky fingers activity where we made patterned petals, and a cutting activity where we made some lovely poppies for our very own poppy field.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
We made magic potions! This was our red challenge this week.
We had to add different ingredients and tell a grown up what our magic potion would do! Some of them turned people into frogs, some of them turned people into different colours and some even made you smell like bananas!

2nd November      Wednesday Welly walk

Magic wand hunting! Our mission was to find the best wand, ready to decorate once back in the classroom. But whilst we were out we saw lots of other interesting things!

12th October 2016          Our first welly walk! 

We went on a welly walk to investigate the bottom playground, the spiky woods and the secret dens. We found a stick each and used it for all sorts of different things! We wrote in the mud, we used them to play music on the fence and trees, and we used them to cast magic spells.

The scarecrow's wedding

As part of our RE work we learnt about weddings. We linked it to our literacy and read the story of "The scarecrows wedding". After making our own scarecrows we decided to give them a wedding too. They said vows to each other, exchanged rings and then we all danced to celebrate.

Look at our fantastic scarecrows!

We received a letter from Farmer Fred who told us his scarecrows, Betty and Harry, had gone on honeymoon after their wedding and that now he didn't have any scarecrows in his field! 

We watched a video and made a mind map of ideas of how to make a scarecrow. We then worked in little groups to help make them by stuffing old clothes with paper and used a broom for their arms.

I wonder whether we might have our very own scarecrows wedding?

Picture 1