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Photo Gallery and Blog 2017 - 2018

Sports Week!
We had lots of fun during sports week! We climbed up a climbing wall, took part in a Freddy Fit session and enjoyed playing our very own Gym!
Butterfly release


Still image for this video


We received a letter from Mrs Butterfly, she asked us to kindly look after her caterpillars for her. They ate and ate and turned into big fat caterpillars! Just like in the story "The very Hungry Caterpillar". They have now turned into chrysalides, and are all snug in their coccoons. We are waiting very patiently for them to emerge as butterflies!

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Easter Week Activities

On Monday we went over to St Paul's Church to follow a trail of the Easter Story. At each point in the story we had a small activity to do. We all enjoyed it lots!

We also made Easter nests! We watched and talked about the chocolate melting and all took it in turns to mix the crispies in!

They tasted delicious!

World Book Day Celebrations 2018!

We look fantastic!!

We look fantastic!! 1
We look fantastic!! 2

Chinese New Year!

We had lots of fun for Chinese new year! we had a Chinese restaurant, listened to Chinese stories and made our own dragon puppets.

We did Chinese dragon dancing just like on the videos we had watched in class.

Supertato saves the day!

Supertato saves the day! 1
Supertato saves the day! 2
Supertato saves the day! 3
Supertato came to catch the Evil Pea! Over a couple of weeks children had fun making wanted posters, creating traps for the Evil Pea and drawing pictures of our favourite superheroes! 

A rainy day play

Some of us went out for a rainy play! We only have 10 sets of waterproofs so we had to take turns. Some us went on the bikes, travelling to the Zoo, to Tesco and some pretended they were on motorbikes! Some of us went on the climbing frame. We weren't allowed to touch the floor (the shark pool!) whilst crossing the climbing frame, it was tricky, but we did it!

Anti-bullying week

This week we have been learning about what the word Bully means. We talked about how bullying makes you feel and made a promise to each other to be kind friends.

On Tuesday we found a glittery trail leading into our classroom! It led to a letter and a story book.

It was the story of "The Singing Mermaid". 
We shared the story and focused on the feelings of the mermaid after she had been bullied by Sam Sly. She left us some mermaid scales to write some helpful messages for Sam, suggesting how he could be a better friend.
On Friday she sent us another letter, thanking us for our great ideas. She also left us a present, it was the film The Little Mermaid!


Week beginning 6th November
Julia Donaldson stories
- our first story was Sharing a Shell. Which we linked with our new Christian value of Compassion. We made our own hermit crabs too!
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Picture 2
Remembrance Day activities

We made coconut barfi!

This is a type of Indian sweet. We learnt that this type of sweet is eaten at Diwali time. We decided to make some for ourselves. The ingredients were desiccated coconut, icing sugar and condensed milk. We followed the recipe and had great fun rolling the mixture into little balls. 

Autumn colour walk

Our Autumn walk took us to the font of school this week! We collected leaves of all colours, shapes and sizes, found a mysterious pumpkin in the bushes and had fun kicking up the crunchy autumn leaves.

Our First Tuesday Trail!

8th September

Our First Session With Freddy Fit!

We loved it and it was great to join in with class 2! Freddy got us doing lots of exercises, stretches and jumping to some great music. We will have lots more visits from Freddy as the year goes on.

Welcome to the blog!

This is where we will be putting regular photos and learning stories about what adventures we have been having in class 1.

Stay tuned for the first installment!