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Class 10

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Class 10


Hello everyone,

We continue to miss you all each day and hope you are all happy and well. Here is a link to a lovely picture book, which addresses any worries that you may have at the moment:

We miss teaching you and seeing how your hard work so please send any work via 2email as we really enjoy seeing what you have been up to; you may even make the class gallery on our website so keep your eye out for your work or your friends’.

We are aware that everyone’s situation at home is different. The 2dos on Purple Mash; White Rose lessons and writing tasks will help you to prepare for high school. Please use them wisely, in keeping with what you can. We want you to stay interested in learning, remembering what you have learned at school above all staying proud of all you can do.

Remember now we are using 2email, we can send you extra information sometimes to help you with these tasks. The 2dos will continue with reading and topic activities.

Maths this week:

Year 6 – Summer Term Week 5 The worksheets and answer sheets are saved in the files below and have also been sent via 2email.

Lesson 1 - Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 

Lesson 2 - Multiply decimals by integers

Lesson 3 - Divide decimals by integers

Lesson 4 - Decimals as fractions

Lesson 5 - Friday Challenge on the White Rose website

English this week:

While we have been away from school, we have realised how much we have missed reading your wonderful, creative writing and seeing your beautiful handwriting!

Therefore, each week we are going to be setting a writing task for you to complete at home. The task will be set on Monday to be completed and handed in by Friday. 

Once you have completed your writing, if you can, ask an adult to take a picture of it and send it back to your class 2email account. 

We have attached the writing activity to the email and it is also saved in the files below - make sure you read it carefully, so that you know exactly what to do. You can also find copies of the writing activity within the home learning tab on the school’s website. We have also attached a schedule of how to tackle the writing each day and a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) so you know the kind of thing that we are expecting.

There are also daily English activities on the BBC Bitesize website. Why don’t you try some of these each day too?

Year 6 -


Emma is very kindly recording 20 minute worships for the children to enjoy. They include a story and a craft activity. Just click the image and it will take you to the worship.

So every week you will be set:

Reading – 2do on Purple Mash (new activity daily)

Topic – 2do on Purple Mash (new activity daily)

Maths – From White Rose (there are daily activities here) Also links to BBC Bitesize.

Writing – Writing activity attached to the email (lasts for whole week) Daily English activities on BBC Bitesize.

You can still access other learning activities through the home learning tab on the website.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Robinson and Mrs Ashton


Useful Links

** BBC Teach - Some of the lessons are being done by famous people - We're looking forward to the Science lessons by Brian Cox! **

***Please see 'Files to Download' below for  New Classroom Secrets Packs and the UKS2 Home Learning Pack sent home there are other useful resources here too***

***Please visit PURPLE MASH (here) Monday to Friday for daily Reading and Topic 2dos***

***Please visit The Maths Factor (here)  for free Maths activities***

***Please visit White Rose Maths (here) for weekly work You can do these verbally or in your exercise book. You do not need to print these out to complete.***

***Please visit Twinkl (here) for a daily list of activities to follow at home. ***

Files to Download

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Well-Being Week , by Mr Wright

Freddy Fit!, by Mr Wright

Sports Day, by Mr Wright

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