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 Message for Class 2.

Sunday 29th March

Hello everyone, hope that you and your families are well. I have set 2 new Purple Mash activities for this week. Please remember to save the work in our class folder and under your name. There will not be any set activities after these for 2 weeks, as it would have been the Easter holidays but you are free to explore and go on anything you'd like to have a go on in the meantime. I can't find where I posted my photo of the tadpoles but I will post more at regular intervals. Later today, I am going to place in my incubator some chicken eggs and hopefully we will be able to see chickens hatch out in about 15 days time and then i'll put in some duck eggs. The tadpoles are from the frogs we hatched last year and the eggs are from the chickens that we hatched too. Unfortunately our runner ducks won't be laying any eggs as they're males so i'll have to buy some from a farm. Keep up with your reading everybody. This web site may be useful. Free online reading books > 

Thursday 26th March

Today I have watched our fish, from school, swimming with his new friends in my garden pond. He looked very happy darting about with 12 others. I hope you are managing to enjoy the sunshine even though yesterday I set some new work on Purple Mash. I have also set some work that is in the link below- Class 2 home pack. You do not have to finish it with-in a certain time but a little a day will keep your mind refreshed. Stay healthy and continue to be kind to your siblings and adults. 

Class 2 home pack

Sunday 22nd March- Today I have set x2 2do's for you to do on Purple Mash. They are from the 'ART' section that we went on last week in class. Please remember to save them in your personal folder. I look forward to seeing them.Hope you're keeping well, Mrs Kime.  

I was so sorry that I couldn't be with you during the last few days. Unfortunately I was having to stay away from school but I hope that you all had a good time. You have all worked so hard this year and made wonderful progress and I don't want you to slip back in the coming weeks, so keep up with some school work as well as having time to play and spend time with your families. I am so proud of the progress you've made and it's been a joy to see, so keep going. I'm going to make a timetable for myself so that i can plan out each day. Maybe you could do that too, with a bit of work, rest and play. Be kind to your families as life will be different for them and I will keep in touch again soon. x

Dear parents/carers,

We understand the difficulties the school closure could cause in the coming weeks. Trying to keep children entertained during a standard holiday is difficult enough without the restrictions we are suddenly under. Therefore, we have created this pack of different activities to help you keep your child entertained and also continue their learning whilst school is closed.

The number one activity we would advise is READING. This helps the children across all subjects. We have given your child an extra book to read but you can also read their own books at home. There are links below to websites where you will find more reading activities for them to do.

We have provided some work that can be completed on paper (in the exercise book provided) and things that can be done online. The work covers things we have already done in school and the children should be able to complete most aspects of it themselves. However, if they need help please help them, just as we would in school. None of this work needs to be handed in for marking.

In addition to these activities, remember there are lots more things you can do at home that aren’t linked to school – sharing stories, baking, pretending you’re a pirate, arts and crafts, even just sitting and watching a film together.  Make memories for your children (and yourself).

We don’t have a set timeline for when schools will reopen so please ensure you have the school spider app downloaded to follow any updates. Also, please check your child’s class page on the website ( ) where we will post any additional work, activities or updates as necessary.

Thank you for continuing support

Mrs Moorhouse, Miss Hey and Mrs Kime.

***Please see 'Files to Download' below for recommended websites and activities under KS1 Home Learning Links**

Websites for activities. All of these websites have some level of free access. Please DO NOT pay for any access. Generic Sites This is a site all the children are familiar with as we use it every week in our computing lessons. They will need their log in details which we sent home before school closure. They can explore everything on the site. There are activities for every subject. The children love purple mash and there is nothing on there they cannot have a go at (though some things will be above their level of learning). Twinkl have provided a code to provide everyone with free access to different activities on their site. You will need to set up an account. Search for school closure interactive learning links in the search bar. Look for your child’s year group. We recommend all children complete the Science section on the Year 1 link as this is the unit we are doing currently. There are activities on both year groups that could be appropriate for your child. Click on the activity to be taken straight to it. You will need to create a free account. This website is primarily known for its reading activities but also has maths activities for children in all year groups. For e-books please select ‘book bands’ under the ‘level’ option and select the book band your child is currently reading. If your child would like a challenge, try the next colour band. When you open the e-book, there are activities at the top of the page to do when you have finished reading the book. Also, click on the Primary School banner at the top of the home page to go to information and activities specifically for your child’s year group.

Phonics and Reading These websites contain lots of phonics activities (many of which we use in our daily phonics lessons). Some also have reading activities on them. As far as we are aware, the phonics check will still be going ahead in June. It is, therefore, important for the children to continue their phonics work. We have provided special phonics packs for those children due to take the check this year. All these websites are split into phase areas depending on where your child is in the phonics programme. Your child’s phonics phase will depend on who their phonics teacher is: Miss Hey – Phase 4 (using phase 3 sounds) Please do lots of phase 3 activities to solidify your child’s knowledge before we move on to learning new diagraphs in phase 5. Mrs Kime – Phase 5 Mrs Prickett/Mrs Edwards – Phase 5 Mrs Moorhouse – Phase 6 – subscription site but gives free access trial for 2 weeks when you sign up Maths Particularly the different activities on Hit the Button – up to 10 activities for Year 1.

We have also been told that White Rose Maths ( will be releasing free activities soon. Once these are released, we will put more information on the class pages on the website.

Physical Activities Search online for Just Dance kids for follow-the-leader style dance activities. We have done these in school and the children absolutely love them. for stories with yoga moves attached. These include adventure stories, Harry Potter and Star Wars adventures. Also look at their website at for other activities. We have done these in school and the children absolutely love them. Every morning (Monday to Friday) at 9am, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks is doing live ‘PE lessons’ for children. . Please be aware that some other sites are based in America and, therefore, may be inappropriate for our curriculum (particularly reading/spelling/writing activities).


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