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Miss Hey

Class 3

Last update: 19th January 2021

Hi everyone,

We have made it easier for you to see your work on Purple Mash. Each day, ALL of your work will come through as a 2do instead of being sent through 2email. We have set it both ways for the end of this week.

Every day you will be set:

  • An English lesson
  • A Maths lesson
  • At least 1 other activity.

Phonics will still be sent out on a Monday through 2email.

Each 2do will disappear after the day it is set so please try to complete and hand them in on time. Of course, if you need a little extra time, please let us know and we can extend the 2do.

We will still be putting the work on our class page on the school website if you cannot access Purple Mash.

There is a document in files to download which explains how to hand in 2dos.

Miss Hey, Mrs Moorhouse and Mrs Seddon.  

Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who has logged into Purple Mash and completed some of the work already set. We know how difficult this week has been for everyone. Thank you to those who have responded to the email that was sent out from school on Thursday about collecting Home Learning Packs. We have put copies of Purple Mash login details into this pack. If you have not been able to log on, please do so as soon as possible. This will be a direct line of communication between you, your child and their teacher and is how we will be allocating work to the children whilst they are not in school.

Work will be set through Purple Mash. Emails will be sent through 2email on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, letting the children know what we would like them to do. We will also be putting the work on our class page. Some work will be need to be accessed through Purple Mash but a lot of it can be accessed directly on the internet. We recommend that you log onto Purple Mash daily as there will be information that is only communicated this way.

Teachers in school are on a rota system to maintain both in-school and home learning. There will be times when your class teacher cannot reply to emails because they are with a bubble in school. We will reply as soon as we can. Feel free to email any of the teachers to let them know what the children have been up to, ask any questions or just to say hi. We love hearing from you! 

We are keeping the home learning schedule as close as possible to the work we would have been doing if we were in school. Work is allocated for each day. It is up to you how you schedule the activities for your child. You can access the lessons on many devices that have an internet browser, not just on a laptop or computer. Internet browsers can also be found on smart tvs and some games consoles. If you are struggling to balance work and schooling, we recommend that you do what you can. Reading should be a priority, followed by Maths and English. New guidance has also been issued on furlough during school closures. You can find the guidance here.

All the children will be given the same daily work during lockdown whether they are in school or learning from home. Everyone will follow the same schedule. We will set a daily English, Maths and Phonics lesson. Information about the Phonics lessons can be found under files to download and also on 2email. The children will also have another lesson each day as shown below.












At the moment, there is no need to send any completed work into school either physically or electronically. We will let you know if we want you to do this.

If you do not have access to the internet at home, there is work in the home learning packs for you to complete. Information about collection of home learning packs was sent out last week. We are collating packs with new activities which will be distributed in a few weeks. Information will be sent out when these are ready. The activities in the home learning pack relate to work we have already done in school and will allow the children to practise skills they have already learned. Practising is essential to developing their skills.

Additionally, BBC have announced that they will be providing daily educational programming on the CBBC channel for Primary children starting Monday 11th January. This will also be available on the BBC iplayer on smart tvs, games consoles and mobile devices. The timetable can be found here and there are additional resources on the BBC bitesize website. If it’s as good as it was last time, it is highly recommended by Miss Hey!

It is important to make what we can out of this time. Take the chance to spend time together – bake cakes, make a cave and tell stories in it, snuggle up and watch films, let your children lead you somewhere in their imagination. It’s not how any of us imagined we’d get to spend more time with our children but let’s take the opportunity. You can find ideas for activities under the Learning at Home tab on the website. Don’t forget to let us know what you are up to through 2email on Purple Mash! 

Finally, we would like to thank you for your continued support. We have all been touched by the lovely messages we have received since all this craziness started last March. It was amazing to be back in school with the children in September and we can’t wait to be back with them again but we all know that, at the moment, this is the best thing we can do to protect everyone. We are still your teachers and we are still here for you.

Stay Safe.

Mrs Moorhouse, Miss Hey and Mrs Seddon.

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