Class 8 2019 - 2020

Miss D'Anzi

Class 8

Monday 20th July 2020

Dear Class 8,

This will be my last email to you for this year as school will be closing for the summer on Wednesday!
I will be setting you maths and English activities for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as well as Purple Mash 2dos. Wednesday is also the last day that you will be able to use 2email to send me a message or any work that you have been doing this week.



This week we are continuing using White Rose lessons for mathematics at home.

The worksheets and answer sheets are in the files on our class page and are also attached to the email (they are no longer available directly on the White Rose website without subscription) The activities can be completed on paper.

You can access an answer sheet to mark your own work.


Maths this week:

Year 5 – Summer Term Week 12


Lesson 1 Metric Units

Lesson 2 Imperial Units

Lesson 3 Converting units of time



Thank you to those who have completed the writing tasks that we have set so far. It has been a pleasure to read them.

Once you have completed your writing, if you can, ask an adult to take a picture of it and send it back to your class 2email account. 

We have attached the writing activity to the email and it is also saved in the files below - make sure you read it carefully, so that you know exactly what to do. It is also attached to the email we have sent, along with the daily activities page to help you structure your writing over the week. For this week, you only need to do 3 of the activities (Mon-Wed) but there is an extra activity on Thursday. If you fancy doing that one instead of one of the others, just swap and do that one instead! 


So every week you will be set:

Reading – 2do on Purple Mash (new activity daily)

Topic – 2do on Purple Mash (new activity daily)

Maths – From White Rose (there are daily activities here)

Writing – Writing activity attached to the email (daily activities for the week)


You have worked incredibly hard during this time and I’ve been so impressed at how much work you have all been doing!
I hope that you have a lovely rest over the summer and will be ready to come back in September to join your new classes.


Stay safe and well.

Miss D’Anzi

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