What We Are About

St Paul's Mission Statement and Aims
All aspects of our school life are guided by Christian values.

Our mission is to provide a Christian environment where:

  • every individual is valued and respected
  • care and consideration for others are central to our work
  • all pupils are expected to reach their full potential in their education and adult life

Christian values are listed in our Collective Worship Policy.

We expect all children, parents and staff to work together so the needs of all children can be met in a calm and friendly atmosphere. All children are different but each child should be achieving their own potential in every area.

We consider education to be both the learning of academic skills and the development of a pupil as an individual.

For the children
We aim to:

  • help each child to be confident, independent and have high self-esteem
  • develop within the child a tolerance for others and a respect for self
  • encourage the child to value their home, school, community and the world in which they live
  • develop awareness and respect for God, and for the beliefs of others
  • develop in each child their understanding about right and wrong, so that they know the difference between right and wrong, make the choice in their own actions and be concerned about, and stand up for, what is right
  • give children the opportunity to gain from their own experiences

Development of Skills
We aim to:

  • help children to know how to learn for themselves
  • ensure the children acquire a justified sense of achievement
  • help each child achieve their full potential intellectually, physically and creatively
  • be literate, enjoy reading and use a wide variety of texts
  • help each child to articulate and develop speaking and listening skills
  • help each child investigate skills and be numerate
  • help each child to be able to organise themselves, their work and their time in co-operation with others
  • teach the National Curriculum appropriately matching it to the ability of each child
  • help each child write meaningfully for a variety of purposes

For the Staff
We aim to:

  • create a staff who work well as a team, have as their first priority the needs of the children
  • develop all staff personally and professionally. Teachers should keep abreast of current educational thought and practice and adopt these principles when met with the needs of our children

For the Parents and Carers
We aim to:

  • develop a good working relationship between home and school, which is mutually supportive. To foster the success and development of each child, involving Parents/Carers as much as possible

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