Worship with Emma

Emma is very kindly recording 20 minute worships for the children to enjoy. They include a story and a craft activity. Just click the image and it will take you to the worship.

The Creation

The children will need some sticks in a jar (a prayer tree) , an A4 piece of paper to make a small creation book and craft materials to decorate the book. 

Creation for Kids | Kids Answers

A Sad Day

The children will need an old sock and craft materials to make 2 eyes and a tongue to turn the sock into the serpent, which tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. 

Noah's Ark

A story we all know very well. Get your folding skills ready to make a dove and your colours to create a wonderful rainbow.

God's Friend Abraham

The lovely story of Abraham's trust and devotion to God. You will need black/dark card, glue and glitter to make some magical stars.

Esau and Jacob

The story and Isaac's (Abraham's son) twin sons who did not get along together. For the craft activity you wil need 2 empty toilet rolls and collage materials to make Esau and Jacob puppets. 

Jacob's Ladder

The story of how Jacob and Esau become friends again. You will need paper, scissors and glue to make a ladder leading to a cloud for you to write your dreams on. 



The first part of the story of Joseph and his colourful coat. You will need absorbant paper (filter paper/kitchen towel), washable felt tips and scissors for the craft activity.

Joseph's Dreams.

The story contiunes with Joseph being a prisoner but it his ability to understand dreams, a gift God had given him, that saves him. You will be making a dream spinner so need colours, card and some string. 

Joseph the Leader

We finish the story of Joseph with him meeting his brothers again and forgiving them. You will need a piece of paper, scissors and pens for the folding people craft. 

Joseph in Egypt Bible Story - 2yamaha.com

Moses in the Bulrushes

Enjoy the start of Moses' story where he is found by the Pharoah's wife. For the craft you will need different coloured papers, scissors, glue and wool to make a woven heart. 

Image result for moses in the bulrushes   

Moses and the Burning Bush

Learn about when God spoke to Moses and how this changed him life and the journey he toook with God. 

For the craft you will need paper, string and some materials to decorate a burning bush!


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