Update from Tameside Council on their free school meals voucher scheme for October Half Term

Update from Tameside Council:  Half term (October 2020) free school meals vouchers scheme (this relates to, if you are entitled to income based free school meals. This scheme is being organised by the council and not individual schools. If you think you may be entitled then please read on and follow the instructions below). 

If you have any difficulty accessing the online form, detailed below,  you would need to contact the Council Early Help Access Point on 0161 342 4260 for assistance.

Tameside Council has committed to ensuring no child on income based free school meals goes hungry this half term (October 2020).

The scheme will provide a £15 supermarket voucher from Tesco or Asda (whichever you choose) for food products for each eligible child. The scheme is open to all children up to year 11 who attend a Tameside school and are entitled to income based free school meals. Those children in reception and years 1 and 2 who receive universal (i.e. not means tested) free school meals are not eligible.
The voucher scheme is for one week of the half-term holidays (October 2020) only. Applications must be received by 8 November 2020

How to claim

You will need to submit one application per child. Click here to claim

The details you provide will be checked against the records from the Department for Education of pupils entitled to income based (means tested) free school meals. For those children who are eligible the e-mail address you provide will be passed to Tesco or Asda (whichever you choose) and they will send an e-voucher to that address. Vouchers should be received within 24-48 hours of the application being received and verified. As always with e-mails please check your spam!
If you are unable to complete the online form at the link above, or if you do not have an email address or access to a printer or smartphone or need other urgent support please contact the Tameside Council Early Help Access Point on 0161 342 4260 for assistance. You can also find out information on other help available for children and families on our website here https://www.tameside.gov.uk/earlyhelp/neighbourhoods

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