Thomas Craddock
Years at school: 2000 to 2007
Since primary school I have attended secondary school for five years and am in the process of finishing my GCSEs. So far I have 5 A*s and 1 A and will receive the rest of my results in August. Then I will be attending Ashton Sixth Form College and hopefully I will get the results I need to attend Cambridge University. In my spare time, I work in a pet shop.

General Memories: The thing I remember most about being in primary school was in year 5 when I was the only year five pupil allowed to sit with the year 6s and do higher level work in Miss Robinson's class, class 9.

Memories of Teachers: My favourite teacher at primary school was Miss Robinson, but I also liked Mr White, Mr Wright, Mrs Dinsdale,Mrs Whalley, Mrs Seddon, Miss Chesters and Miss Webster.

Memories of School Trips and Events: In year 5, we went to Robinwood, which I still have the certificate from. The Pirahna Pool was really exciting. In year 6, we went to Armentieres in France. That was a great trip and I would happily go again.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I didn't attend many school clubs but I sometimes did football and it got much better after we got the new field and the goals on the bottom yard. I also enjoyed being near the small pond on the bottom yard.

Karla Lowe
Year Left School: 2002
Since leaving St Pauls I have achieved good grades in my GCSE's and in my A-Levels. I have just recently finished my four year course at University completing Primary Teaching degree.

General Memories: I remember how the mobile classrooms used to be on the bottom playground, I remember when the infants had to go to a different school because part of the school fell down. I remember Mrs Jackson leaving (which was very sad). I loved the whole school experience and made great friends which I still have today.

Memories of Teachers: I remember lots of teachers from when I was at primary school, I remember Mrs Jackson, Mrs Crompton, Mr White, Mrs Willis, Mrs Ashton, Mrs Dinsdale, and my favourite teacher, who inspired me to be a teacher Mrs Seddon.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I remember being part of the Science Club which I really enjoyed. Science was always my favourite subject and this club made my love even greater. I remember making a car to see who could make one travel the furthest. 

Year Left School: 1999
General Memories: I remember how classes 8 and 9 were down the steps at the bottom of the yard. I remember when the school uniform was introduced and everybody (pupils) took a dislike to it but it grew on us. I remember all the staff tried to make it the best educational years of our lives and they managed to pull it off in my opinion.

Memories of Teachers: I doubt any of my old teachers are still there, but I remember the following: Miss Marsden, Miss Moore, Miss Bottomley, Miss Stillings, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Willis, Mr White, Mr Hubbald, Miss Rowath, Mrs Kiami, Mrs Stretton, Mrs Jackson. Mr Robinson used to come over from the church too.

Memories of School Trips and Events: We did Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat as a school play with a singing and dancing Pharaoh. Our favourite assembly song was "Geronimo" and at christmas it was "Holly Jolly Christmas" 

Katherine Hyslop
Years at school: 1964 to 1966
I have had a challenging and interesting career in the Healthcare Industry as well I piano and singing for example

General Memories: I remember singing in the Hall where all the classrooms seemed to open onto. In the first year we weren't allowed a hymn book so we used to pretend to hold one and sometimes got told off for being silly. Found out that I loved to sing in that Hall. You weren't allowed to have the corners of your writing books turned up they were called 'dog ears' and the boys could get the cane for that and the girls the slipper I think.

Memories of Teachers: My first year teacher got married and my Mum took me to the wedding service. We sat at the back. I can't remember - she could have been called Miss Talbot?

Memories of School Trips and Events: I was Mary in the nativity play in First year and my doll Ruth had to pretend to be Jesus

Years at school: 1956 to 1961
Still working at 63 as a medical secretary which I have done since the age of 20. In the NHS for 32 years but in private practice for the last 10 years. Married with two grown up children - not a grandma yet!!

General Memories: I remember St Paul's as a happy school. I was very shy then (not so now). I remember the school yard like John with the canteen in the white building at the bottom. I also remember the outside toilets.

Memories of Teachers: Mr Taylor the head was nice but I was not so keen on Mr Horton the deputy head. Once gave me "the slipper" on my backside for some minor misdemeanour was so ashamed. Wouldn't be allowed nowadays.

Memories of School Trips and Events: I cant reember any school trips but do remember shows on the stage etc.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Remember a girl called Lynch singing Bobby's Girl during some show.

John Rowlands
Years at school: 1957 to 1961
Joined the Royal Navy and subsequently worked for Fujitsu as an IT Engineer for 30 years. Retired now and living near Portsmouth.

General Memories: I remember that the railway line went past the bottom of the playground at the back of the school. Everytime a steam train went past we all went to wave at the driver! School dinners were in a white building between the railway line and the playground. I used to cycle there from Millbrook most days. Under 10's wouldn't do that now! I can't remember where the bikes went during the day but I know it never had a lock.

Memories of Teachers: Mr Taylor, the headmaster who supported Aston Villa! Mrs King, best teacher.

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