Able, Gifted and Talented Days at Copley


We are extremely grateful for our chances to visit Copley Academy and experience the amazing high school learning environment. Copley is a very welcoming school, and all the children there were extremely kind and polite: they opened doors and helped us with our sport activities, so we hope that we will reflect it more than ever in our own school.

Many high-ability students were picked to take part during English and Maths lessons, but also some fun trampolining at dinnertime. The schedules worked out to be similar to regular Primary School routines, and we weren’t daunted by the level of education, or anything else of that sort. Several of the lessons were similar to the ones here, but with a twist, to make us think differently.

During the maths lessons, we have learnt about: extremely fun code-cracking; complicated algebra; fabulous fractions and enjoyable roman numerals. Our Maths teacher was called Mrs. Schofield, and she was very kind and helpful. We worked in teams of four and we used a lot of team work and communication skills to complete the given work.

While learning English, we were taught about everything from expanding metaphors to designing a chocolate bar! It was really fun because our creativity skills were unleashed massively and the lessons were so intriguing, that we were always on the ball. Our teacher was called Mrs. Mackintosh and she was extremely helpful. All of us who attended the lesson felt like it helped us a lot, and all of the skills we used there have managed to creep into our own education, here at St. Pauls.

Overall, the lessons were highly enjoyable and all of us would love to go there again. Thank you for reading, and we hope that you have been informed about the marvellous time and experience we had at this remarkable school (not that ours isn’t-we love our school to pieces)!

By Year 6


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