St Paul’s scheme of work is designed to support pupils through their spiritual, moral, social, emotional and physical development, and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Through these lessons, children will learn how to stay safe and healthy, build and maintain successful relationships and become active citizens, responsibly participating in society around them. Lessons in this scheme of work have their foundations in seeing each and everybody’s value in society, having an appreciation of others and promoting strong and positive views of self. Our scheme aims to cover a wide range of the social and emotional aspects of learning, enabling children to develop their identity and self-esteem as active, confident members of their community. The themes and topics support social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and provide children with protective teaching on essential safeguarding issues, developing their knowledge of when and how they can ask for help.


Our RHE/PSHE scheme of work is centred around the Heartsmart scheme which is taught in five thematic units, which consist of lessons, each with supporting materials. These thematic units are taught to each year group each year .This enables children to recall and build upon previous learning, exploring the underlying principles of RSE education regularly at a depth that is appropriate for the age and stage of the child. Alongside Heartsmart each year group from takes part in the NSPCC Speak out Stay safe programme delivered to all pupils in school from year 1. It is delivered annually, giving pupils very simple but effective strategies to deal with all forms of child abuse. Resources are also provided to communicate with parents and carers about how and this programme is covered . Heartsmart units are designed to be delivered in a creative manner, using many approaches such as role play, discussion and games with groups of various sizes. These activities enable children to build confidence and resilience. HeartSmart is mainly taught as a discrete lesson but links are made where relevant [Science, Computing, English, Art] so that the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of our children.


Children are enabled to develop the vocabulary and confidence needed to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings in a climate of openness, trust and respect, and know when and how they can seek the support of others. They will apply their understanding of society to their everyday interactions, from the classroom to the wider community of which they are a part. St Paul’s scheme of work supports the active development of a school culture that prioritises physical and mental health and wellbeing, providing children with skills to evaluate and understand their own wellbeing needs, practise self-care and contribute positively to the wellbeing of those around them. Successful RHE/PSHE education can have a positive impact on the whole child, including their academic development and progress, by mitigating any social and emotional barriers to learning and building confidence and self-esteem. Our RHE/PSHE scheme of work can be used as a whole-school approach to positively impact wellbeing, safeguarding and SMSC outcomes. This can ensure that all children are able to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to succeed at school and in the wider world.

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