We are a school that sets ourselves high expectations in all areas and attendance is no exception. Attending school is extremely important for children’s social, emotional and educational development and children who miss a lot of time at school can suffer in the long term from significant gaps in their learning. We need your support to ensure that children’s education is not effected through missing time from school.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child attends school every day. If your child is absent from school for any reason you must telephone the school office on the first day of absence. If we don’t receive a message, we will telephone or send a text message to you to find out why your child isn’t in school. When your child returns to school please send in a letter explaining your child’s absence. If no reason is given, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

Extended Absence
If your child is off for 3 days or more with an illness we will require a doctor’s note or appointment card with the child’s name. We will also require a doctor’s note or appointment card for all absences of pupils whose attendance is below 95%. If these are not provided the children’s absence will be marked as ‘unauthorised’.

A growing number of children are regularly arriving late to school in the mornings. It is very unsettling for the children to try and join in with a session that has already started. Please could you help us by getting your child to school on time. Classes 1 – 4 are collected off the playground by their teacher at 8.45am and Class 5 – 10 are collected by their teacher at 8.50am. All children should be in their classroom by 8.55am.

Medical Appointments
Please where possible make medical appointments after school or in the school holidays.

If you do take your child for a medical appointment during school time, we will need to see proof of this appointment (an appointment card, prescription or even prescribed medicine will be fine).

Holidays in term time
The Department for Education (DFE) has announced important amendments to legislation surrounding holidays in term time. From the 1st September 2013, the new law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time. Any application for leave must only be in exceptional circumstances and the Headteacher must be satisfied that the circumstances are exceptional and warrant the granting of leave. The Headteacher will not be expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional. Parents can be fined by the Local Authority for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from school.

If you take your child on holiday in term time and it meets the criteria of 10 unauthorised sessions in a 12-week period, Tameside MBC’s Education Welfare Service may consider prosecution under Section 4441 of the Education Act 1996. Conviction of an offence under Section 4441 of the Education Act carries a fine of up to £1000.


There are 190 school days which your child should attend school. This leaves 175 Non School Days a Year – 175 days to spend on family time, visits, holidays, shopping, household jobs and other appointments.

10 days absence


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Best chance of success.

Gets your child off to a flying start.


Less Chance of success.

Makes it harder to make progress.

Serious Concern

Not fair on your child.

What can parents do to help?
Ensure your child attends school every day and on time.

If your child is not well enough to attend contact the school on the first day of absence.

Try to make dental and medical appointments outside of school time or at weekends.

Take family holidays during the school holiday.

We are unable to authorise term time holidays.

Try to attend parents’ evenings and school events.

Talk to your child about school and take an interest in the work that they are doing.

The Attendance Policy can be found in the Policy section of the website.

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