Reception - Watch Out Dinosaurs About!

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Reception Year: 2022 - 2023

Watch out Dinosaurs about!!

Our latest topic on dinosaurs has been so much fun. We began our topic when a mysterious letter from Jurassic Park arrived. It told us about a Numbersaurus that had escaped! The next day we came in to discover our Numicon had been eaten! We check the cameras and we saw that a small triceratops had been in our classroom!

We have learnt about different types of dinosaurs, and what we mean by herbivores and carnivores. We searched for the Numbersaurus and made posters to help find it. Then we were delivered an egg. This egg was in a nest and we discussed how to look after it. Some children wrapped it up warm and other read stories to it. We were advised to put it into water to see of it would hatch. The cracks grew bigger until we could see a baby dinosaur poking out of the egg!

On another morning we came in to find dinosaur footprints and a big pile of dinosaur poop! The Numersaurus had pooped out the Numicon!! We used tweezers to pick out the Numicon and gave it all a good wash!

We were also delivered a very exciting tray of sand. This tray contained a skeleton that we had to excavate! We learnt about fossils and how to carefully dust away sand to reveal the bones or fossils. We learnt about Mary Anning, a famous palaeontologist from a long time ago. We made our own fossils with salt dough and made imprints of dinosaur feet or their features.

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